How To Put Maneki Neko To Bring Luck

Today, displaying the genius cat is no longer encapsulated in shops, business units but has spread to schools, houses, offices … Although many people love these cats. But how to put it right, bring a lot of luck, not everyone is clear. The following article Maneki Neko World will guide you specifically!

1) How to place the in a retail store

For retail stores, it’s a good idea to place a waving cat. Because in Japanese culture, the hand waving of cat Maneki Neko has a lot of meaning to attract customers, fortune, happiness and protection for your business.

If a customer enters the store and sees this cat waving first, it will be extremely good, lucky and impressive. Therefore, you should place this Maneki Neko in open places, facing the main door and not leaving any obstacles in front of you.

Put the Maneki Neko in the big store

For large stores such as supermarkets, shopping malls or large-scale business stores, placing a Maneki Neko cat should also be placed in open areas facing the main door, without obstructions and easy. most visible at the reception, cashier, … or separate shelves to put cats. Since these are also business places, choose cats waving to attract more customers and good luck in your business!

Put the Maneki Neko on the desk

In the office you should choose the Maneki Neko cats without waving will be more suitable, it will bring luck, money, success … to the owner. In places such as the office you should place the genius cat facing down in the direction you set. And should put the cat on the right side, where the place should be neat, airy and clean. It is best to place your cat toward the main door or large window direction.

How to put maneki neko in your family 

The Maneki Neko cat can be placed in the living room, reading room or anywhere you want, as long as it is easily visible, airy, clean and unobstructed. If you want your cat to bring good luck, fortune, success, happiness, and rid of bad luck, put the cat in the living room facing the front door.

Maneki Neko (kanji: 招 き 猫 hiragana ま ね き ね こ, understandable as Cat beckoning, the word 招 Sino-Vietnamese pronunciation is Chieu, the 猫 meaning Miao [neko ね こ], which can be interpreted as the Maneki Neko) Variable in Japan (original) and the countries of Southeast Asia, usually made of ceramic, is said to bring good luck to its owner. It is the image of a cat beckoning with its front paws, often placed at the entrance of shops, restaurants, video game shops and other business services. Some types of electronic Maneki neko statues with batteries in them can be waved slowly to invite guests. In addition, the image of Maneki Neko is also used to make keychains, pig pipes, air conditioners … Gotoku Temple is considered the original place of origin of Maneki Neko. To Westerners, Maneki Neko’s posture is more like raising his legs up and down than waving a signal. This is just like the Vietnamese people who want to call someone, put their palms down when they signal that they want to come towards them, while Westerners lift their palms when they signal. Sometimes Maneki Neko can also wave his left leg or both front legs. The importance of waving left or right depends on the time and location. It is believed that waving the left foot will bring m How To Put Maneki Neko To Bring Luckany customers while waving the right foot will bring luck and fortune. But there are conflicting opinions on this issue.

There are many meanings behind every action, each color and the accompanying cat items, so depending on your purpose, you can choose the most appropriate cat at Maneki Neko World

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