Maneki Neko Waving Cats

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Maneki Neko Waving Cat

Maneki-neko come in different colors, styles and degrees of ornateness. Common colors are white, black, gold and sometimes red. In addition to ceramic figurines, Maneki-neko can be found as keychains, piggy banks, air fresheners, house-plant pots, and miscellaneous ornaments, as well as large statues. It is also called the “Chinese lucky cat” because of its popularity among Chinese merchants.

The waving cat of genius is not only a very beautiful decoration, but it also has the meaning of luck and extremely sacred fortune for the owner. Most business people, traders put a cat waving at Japanese customers in their shops and companies.

Choose a Maneki Neko that suits your circumstances and desires with the Maneki Neko Waving Cat Collection

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