Suitable Places To Put Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko (kanji: 招 き 猫 hiragana ま ね き ね こ, understandable as Cat beckoning, the word 招 Sino-Vietnamese pronunciation is Chieu, the 猫 meaning Miao [neko ね こ], which can be interpreted as the Maneki Neko) Variable in Japan (original) and the countries of Southeast Asia, usually made of ceramic, is said to bring good luck to its owner. It is the image of a cat beckoning with its front paws, often placed at the entrance of shops, restaurants, video game shops and other business services. Some types of electronic Maneki neko statues with batteries in them can be waved slowly to invite guests. In addition, the image of Maneki Neko is also used to make keychains, pig pipes, air conditioners … Gotoku Temple is considered the origin place of Maneki Neko.

Currently, the God of Fortune Cat is one of the popular feng shui items, often displayed in offices and shops to pray for good fortune and luck. The meaning of the genius cat The Fortune Cat Maneki Neko there are also called lucky cats originated from Japan. Currently, many are used to pray for good luck and fortune for the family and business place. The God of Fortune has 3 types: The cat waving its legs brings many customers; waving the cat to bring good luck and fortune; Bringing both legs is to protect the family and the business. Lucky cats usually wear some decorations around their necks, but the most common is a necklace with a bell. Business people often use cats with one leg up. It is believed that the higher the cat’s foot, the more customers and fortune it will bring.Feng Shui Cat Brings Luck, Wealth That Every Japanese Has In Their House

                                                                                                                Cats waving their left paws suitable for business and business places.

Put Maneki Neko in the house

Suitable Places To Put Maneki Neko


Placing Maneki Neko in the house not only prays for good luck, money but also for the family. Feng shui experts suggest Rabbit (cat) belongs to the East. Therefore, if you have your cat indoors, keep it to the east or southeast. If you place your cat in the living room, you can leave it at the door or table.

In the bedroom


Fortune Cat put in the bedroom means bringing peach blossom. Those in need of good luck and good luck should put two cats in the east direction of the bedroom.

On the altar of the God of Fortune

This feng shui item means luck and prosperity to the owner so you can put the cat next to the God of Fortune altar. When placing your cat to be restless, avoid arbitrary placement on the altar. Put the Fortune Cat in a retail store For shops, the God of Fortune is usually placed so that it faces and hands towards the entrance. Be especially careful not to obstruct obstacles at a distance from the cat to the door.

At large scale business store

At supermarkets, commercial centers should place the cat at the reception or payment counters. Where to put the cat should not have obstacles because it will affect luck and fortune.

In the office

Office workers can also place the God of Fortune cat to bring good luck, everything goes smoothly. When placed on a desk, lay it down in the direction you were facing away. A place for cats to be clean, airy, not too many obstacles.

In the car

Leaving the God of Fortune in the car is not only meant to be a blessing but also a sign of peace in every trip. Usually, in the car, people will hang the God of Fortune cat right in the mirror position to create comfort or put it on the base and at the front of the car.


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