The Secret To Choosing A Suitable Maneki Neko Cat As A Gift

In the present gift market, the talented cat Maneki Neko is one of the popular gifts. Not only because the material is made from high-class ceramics with many color designs but also because of the meaning they bring. It is believed that the Maneki Neko cat brings good luck, fortune and dispels the bad things to the owner. You can easily find many articles about Maneki Neko from their origins to their designs and meanings … However, today with this article, Hapyoko hopes that with the experience gained, he will bring Coming to you with a different perspective on choosing cat Maneki Neko as a gift.

Maneki Neko is favored for these reasons

Maneki Neko is often called by names such as the genius cat, lucky cat, waving cat, … They are originally from Japan but are known throughout Asia, especially the countries in the East. South Asia including Vietnam. Maneki Neko cats are displayed almost everywhere from business shops, banks, houses to schools and offices. That is why Maneki Neko becomes a very popular gift item.

Since ancient times, cats have been a rare pet, the mascot of the Japanese people, they even established temples, cemeteries for cats. The most famous is Miyagi, which has 10 temples and 51 steles for cats. People here see cats as a symbol of luck, happiness, and fortune. Therefore, there are very few feral cats in Japan, usually, they will be adopted, it is normal for a house to house dozens of cats. Especially in Aoshima, there are 200 cats while only 20 people live.

Lucky cat has brought luck and fortune

I still think that when I believe in something, it will definitely come true. The genius cat or any lucky item has a spiritual meaning, bringing luck and joy to the believer in possession. When choosing a lucky cat to display, you should not put too much of a problem – losing it and putting faith in it will be luckier.

How to choose a suitable cat?

The genius cat currently on the market has a lot of models from designs, colors to decorative motifs, accessories. You can rely on that to choose, however, when choosing a cat as a gift, the classification of objects will be easier to choose.

If a friend, relative or partner opens a store, shop, housewarming, etc., when choosing a gifted cat as a gift, choose luxurious and modern designs. From the color, the material of the genius cat often exudes a cheerful face, bringing good luck and fortune to the recipient.

In Japanese culture, people think that the green genius cat will bring good luck in studying, examinations, … very suitable for those who are about to enter an important exam. somehow. However, do not abuse this gift to give to your boss or the elderly because they often bring mischievous, mischievous childish faces, which will make them upset because they think you are deliberately teasing. joke or simply do not put your heart into this gift.

When choosing the gifted cat as a gift for the boss or the elderly, the choice of the classic cat is a bit sad, somewhat outdated but will be more suitable. Because these cats are usually yellow in color and have found fortune and good fortune.

In addition, when you choose a lucky cat as a gift, pay attention to the material, colors, decorative details on the cat and the origin. Because there are many types of unclear origin, poor quality materials with different prices are widely available on the market. You should go to the reputable business shops, with clear origin, thanks to the counselor to be able to choose a satisfactory cat.

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