Living In The Homeland Of Maneki Neko – Life in the slow lane

Once the capital of Japan and now more of a laid back city with lots of temples and shrines, living in Kyoto is for those of you with a spiritual side. It could be described as a cozy city, it has a lot of history, it’s generally low-rise in comparison to somewhere like Tokyo and the locals are welcoming and friendly, despite a large amount of tourism in the area.

Let’s dive into what makes the city so special

Exploring the area


Situated on the outskirts of Kyoto, Arashiyama is a place full of the historic delights of Japan. The town itself is still full of traditional and well-preserved townhouses scattered around. There’s plenty to do: you can travel up the hillside to feed the monkeys, or wander along the riverside towards the temple, or wander through the bamboo groves. You can finish your day off with a matcha ice cream and a trip to the kimono forest at the station.

Day trips

Living in Kyoto gives you access to some extraordinary pieces of Japan with a snappy day trip. Nara, Osaka, and Lake Biwa are all close enough and offer a scope of exercise. These remember dousing for a clamoring city, unwinding on the lakeside, or plunging much more profound into your otherworldly side with more altars and sanctuaries in Nara.

Temples and shrines

Kyoto is very notable for its astounding and interesting sanctuaries and places of worship and they’re unquestionably all worth a visit. From the Fushimi Inari Taisha with its 10,000 torii entryways driving you up to Mount Inari to Kinkaku-Ji, the shimmering brilliant Buddhist sanctuary sat on the edge of a quiet lake.


Somewhere else in Kyoto where you can step back in time is Gion. The old Geisha area is still brimming with conventional apartments and tea houses for you to appreciate. It’s additionally probably the best spot for some photograph operations whether you’re keen on the structures, history, or basically the individuals.

Food and Drink

While neighboring Osaka may be the city that is known for its food, Kyoto is probably the best spot for incredible for bistros and bars.

Murmur Coffee

This bistro is a decent alternative for setting up to examination for the day after a loosening up breakfast. It’s arranged on the bank on the Takase River and has a chilled air that is made for understudies. Indeed, even the espresso cups are planned as a team with nearby college understudies.

% Arabica

Another coffeehouse, yet this current one’s not so much for halting at. It’s a little chain that is gradually growing and has two or three locales in Kyoto. It’s the best option to Starbucks and the espresso is astonishing as well. Be cautious, however, as you may need to line to get your espresso fix toward the beginning of the day. It’s very justified, despite all the trouble!


Running down the western bank of the Kamogawa stream is a road loaded with bars and cafés. As your Japanese shows signs of improvement, it’s an extraordinary spot to blend with local people and practice your Japanese after several beverages. On the other hand, you can simply appreciate a night out in the absolute best bars around.

Beer Komachi

On the off chance that you’re quick to get on board with the specialty lager fleeting trend, at that point Beer Komachi is the spot to go. It additionally has a family environment and is an incredible spot to meet individuals in case you’re new to living in Kyoto.

Why you’ll love living there

Kyoto is the ideal city for individuals who like a more slow pace of life. With such a significant number of sanctuaries and altars, just as the stream going through town, it’s the spot to live for the individuals who need to completely welcome the excellence of Japan. It’s additionally incredible for the individuals who need to find out about the history and religion of the city and of Japan.

It has a substantially more laid-back way to deal with life than the humming Osaka or bustling Tokyo. The vast majority travel by bicycle and there is definitely not an immense measure of tall structures. The spread of the city is kept in line by the mountains on either side, so it’s anything but difficult to get out into the open country.

The espresso scene in Kyoto is outstanding and worth investing a touch of energy investigating whether you’re an espresso fan or investigating study spots in the city. To finish the look, we suggest getting a bicycle too, as the size and evenness of the city make it impeccable to explore by bicycle.

Since you realize the best places to unwind and examine, you can set yourself up appropriately for living in Kyoto!

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