The 10 Best Attacks of Demon Slayers Dance of the Fire God

Demon Slayers Dance of the Fire God assaults are among the many strongest within the collection, however which of those assaults rank among the many greatest?
The Demon Slayer Corps in Demon Slayer principally use Breath Kinds in an effort to struggle in opposition to Demons. These are completely different swordsmanship strategies, and completely different households use completely different variations on the strategies. The Kamado household makes use of the Dance of the Fire God method, which permits them to harness the powers of the Fire God of their assaults. There are a number of alternative ways to make use of this system, and lots of the assaults have completely different makes use of throughout battle, each offensive and defensive. Additionally they have various energy ranges as nicely, with some being extremely highly effective whereas others are extra of a single strike state of affairs. Listed here are the 10 greatest Dance of the Fire God assaults, ranked.

Flash Dance

Flash Dance is a variation on Dance, which is only one very highly effective vertical slash with a sword. The Flash Dance entails taking in lots of oxygen and channeling blood circulation into the legs. This takes the already very highly effective Dance and provides the pace part to it. Even the very quick have issue evading the transfer.

Burning Bones

Burning Bones is a defensive method. It entails making a round slash with a sword. This retains opponents who’re incoming with frontal assaults at bay by blocking them. Robust defensive maneuvers are simply as essential as offensive maneuvers since this retains the consumer in query from taking harm throughout the struggle.

Clear Blue Sky

Clear Blue Sky is a good vertical slash transfer. The consumer basically does a flip, spinning their physique vertically. This makes the slash a 360-degree transfer that may doubtlessly care for a couple of enemy directly. However even simply used on one enemy, it’s devastating, because the drive, pace, and size of the slash may cause critical harm.

Beneficent Radiance

Beneficent Radiance is one other nice method for a consumer who’s combating a number of opponents directly. The consumer jumps into the air in a spiral movement, spinning as he goes up and as he comes down, together with his sword out in an effort to ship slashes. Anybody throughout the neighborhood of the spiral is hard-pressed to not be caught by one of many slashes, making it a devastating transfer in opposition to lots of enemies.

Setting Solar Transformation

Setting Solar Transformation is likely one of the assaults that takes the “hearth” in Fire God somewhat extra actually. The slash in query truly incorporates a flaming sword, which is after all extremely harmful. The consumer does a backflip as he slashes his sword upwards, as a substitute of a extra conventional downward slash.

Photo voltaic Warmth Haze

That is one other assault that takes warmth and flame under consideration. Photo voltaic Warmth Haze creates an phantasm utilizing a mirage impact, the best way that warmth makes the air appear wobbly. The slash itself is roofed on this haze, in order that it seems prefer it’s not fairly going to hit the goal. This units the enemy off their guard, since they assume they’re secure from hurt, however the slash does truly land because it’s speculated to, despite the fact that it seems prefer it received’t.

Fire Wheel

Fire Wheel is additionally an assault that truly takes the Fire God idea fairly actually. It counts on some of the thrilling issues highly effective folks do in shonen anime: the place they immediately leap behind their opponent to assault them from behind. On this case, the consumer of the assault jumps behind their enemy and begins spinning within the air, all of the whereas releasing a round flaming assault.

Pretend Rainbow

Pretend Rainbow can be a defensive method, but it surely additionally presents an amazing alternative for counter-attacks. The consumer avoids assaults by transferring round in fast rotations and twists, which makes it inconceivable to land hits on them. It additionally creates afterimages of the consumer, in order that the consumer’s enemy assaults these photographs as a substitute. This offers the individual utilizing the assault an amazing alternative to assault in response, because the enemy is distracted by the faux photographs of him.

Dragon Solar Halo Head Dance

The extra dramatic the title, the extra highly effective the assault appears to be. This one can be dramatic and appears superior. The consumer strikes in circles, making himself resemble a dragon; this permits him to keep away from assaults from his enemies and likewise transfer in to slash on the enemy as nicely. It’s tough to keep away from and will be mixed with the strategies of different Breath Fashion customers in an effort to make it much more efficient and lethal.

Thirteenth Fashion

That is essentially the most tough assault to grasp because it requires data of all 12 types of the Breath Fashion. A part of having the ability to use Dance of the Fire God assaults is studying to do a dance in honor of the Fire God, which asks for cover in opposition to sickness and illness for these doing the dance. It isn’t normally used to struggle, besides on this case, when the 12 types are executed again and again. That is used in opposition to Muzan, who has a shapeshifting skill that makes it so he can transfer his organs round inside his physique, making it tougher to focus on them in an effort to kill him. However the repetition of the actions within the Thirteenth Fashion makes the consumer so quick and correct that it’s inconceivable even for Muzan to keep away from being hit by them.  

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