3 Things You Must Know When Shopping For Cats Fortune

The genius cat is probably no longer a strange name that has become the most popular feng shui item today. You can see the god of porcelain cats everywhere: restaurants, shops, restaurants, business shops … or at families. However, not everyone knows how to choose the right type of Magic Cat to suit their purposes and needs. So, today Meothantai.net will reveal to you 3 certain things you must know when you go to buy Fortune Cat.

 Design of the God of Fortune Cat Any waving cat lucky?

There are many customers who buy the Cat Fortune but do not know which cat raising a hand will wave it will greatly affect the luck of the owner. According to Japanese beliefs, the God of Fortune or Maneki Neko has 3 main shapes and meanings as follows: – Cats waving their left paws bring in more customers.

3 Things You Must Know When Shopping For Cats Fortune

– Cats waving their right feet bring luck and money.

– Bringing both legs is to protect the family and the business.

The genius cat’s color

Colors show desire! When choosing to buy the Cat of Fortune, you need to pay attention to the color of the statue to avoid buying the wrong one. – Triangular (3 colors): is the most popular color, also the color is considered the luckiest. – White: represents happiness and purity

3 Things You Must Know When Shopping For Cats Fortune

– Red: Praying for a healthy body, able to fight disease. This cat is usually given to children or the sick instead of health wishes, quickly recover.

– Black: Removing evil. This type of cat is often used when homeowners feel they are in bad luck. Interestingly, this cat is also a symbol to ward off the bumps of Japanese girls.

– Gold: rich and prosperous.

– Pink: for those who are blessed and lucky in love.

– Green: looking forward to the success and success in your career path.

What does an item in the hand of a Magic Cat mean?

The genius cat holding a Japanese Koban from the Edo period is considered to be quite lucky and the money will return more.

Large Size Maneki Neko Fengshui Decoration

– The genius cat holds a magic hammer, the golden bell symbolizes wealth and attracts money.

The genius cat embraces a carp symbol of wealth and luck.

– The genius cat holds a marble, gemstone or a crystal ball that attracts fortune and represents wisdom.

After thoroughly exploring the story of the very interesting genius Cat, surely you are looking for a place to order right? Currently, Maneki Neko World is having many talented cats with all colors and extremely eye-catching designs, unique waiting for you to “bring home” in the house! The genius cat at Meothantai.net store is made of high-class Japanese porcelain, luxurious and elegant motifs suitable for opening or housewarming gifts, displayed in shops, rooms. guests, offices, companies … to create luck, attract money and happiness.

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