Visit Lovely Monks At The Most Special Temple In Japan

Cat lovers everywhere, rejoice! Japan is full of surprises and some of them are especially awesome if you’re a fan of fluffy felines. Catto admirers that visit Japan should do their best to head on over to Nyan Nyan Ji (literally meaning Meow Meow Temple when translated into English), which is in Kyoto.

Japan is famous for being the most cat-loving country in the world when its people always give the best to this animal. Not only owns the famous Tashirojima cat island, but the land of the rising sun also has a cat temple – where both the abbot and the small cats are cute cats. Now, we know what you’re thinking: a place named Meow Meow Temple should be full of cats, right? Well, you’re 100 percent correct! The place has a cat monk and has Catto assistants. How purrfect is that? Scroll down for Maneki Neko World interview with the owner of Koyuki the head cat monk of Meow Meow Temple!

The current owner of Nyan Nyan Ji, whose Instagram account is @nekojizo, said the temple was founded by an artist called Toru Kaya, who specializes in painting and decorating temples and pagodas in Japan. Because he especially loved cats, he devoted his life’s fortune to create a temple for this adorable animal.

Visit Lovely Monks At The Most Special Temple In Japan

                                                                                                               there is a temple where the abbot and the novices are 100% cats!

Located in Kyoto, this is not only a place to raise a lot of cats but also coordinates for displaying statues and drawings related to cats. Visit the temple and enjoy cat-themed foods and drinks. Alternatively, you can buy souvenirs related to this animal at the store called “Littlefootmark Ren” right on the temple grounds.

Visit Lovely Monks At The Most Special Temple In Japan

                                                                                                              The cats here became very popular and attracted many visitors.

Those people visiting the Nyan Nyan Temple in Kyoto are in for a treat because they’ll be greeted by the current cat monk named Koyuki. Inside the temple, you can order food and drinks that are, appropriately, cat-themed.

Koyuki’s owner talked to Maneki Neko World about Meow Meow Temple: “This temple was opened by painter Toru Kaya with the theme of this favorite cat.”

According to Koyuki’s owner, the person who opened Meow Meow Temple is a well-known painter of “shrines and temples.”

Visiting “Meo Meo Temple”, almost everyone has to see her white cat named Koyuki – Nyan Nyan Ji’s third abbot. Koyuki had two other abbot cats before, but they all passed away. This white cat impressed by the face a bit “hard to live” but actually a very cute personality, friendly.

Visit Lovely Monks At The Most Special Temple In Japan

                                                The white-haired cat named Koyuki is the character that everyone who comes to Nyan Nyan Ji temple must have an audience with!

Koyuki isn’t the first cat monk to occupy the. The cat monk Koyuki is not the only feline at Nyan Nyan Ji. There are plenty of assistants there too. However, Koyuki, who has a grumpy face, is the most popular Catto. We can see why, but we’re of the opinion that all cats are worth our attention.

Visit Lovely Monks At The Most Special Temple In Japan

                                                                                                    The cat assistants aren’t as popular as the head monk, but they’re just as cute

Visit Lovely Monks At The Most Special Temple In Japan

For those of you currently in Kyoto or who are planning a trip there in the near future, you can find the Meow Meow Temple at this address: 520 Yasekonoecho, Sakyo-Ku, Kyoto 601-1253, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. If you do visit, make sure to send us plenty of pictures and leave a comment detailing your experiences beneath this post!


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