Ideal Souvenirs In Japan (Part 1)

On the last day of the trip, when the budget is no longer full, you can choose the “soft” souvenirs for friends and relatives like kokeshi dolls, chopsticks, or masks.

The following items are both culturally Japanese, compact, and easy to transport.

  1. Maneki Neko

Feng Shui Cat Brings Luck, Wealth That Every Japanese Has In Their House

Maneki Neko (lucky cat) is hunted by many young people for the meaning of bringing luck and prosperity in business. Therefore, the “taking” cats of type “hand goods” from Japan itself will make the recipient extremely touched.

Everywhere, souvenir shops are selling Maneki Neko with all shapes, sizes, types, static form to run batteries and wave. With a limited budget, small-sized cats with a soft price to decorate the desk will be an appropriate choice. If you want to be “genuine”, you can visit Gotoku temple, the original place of Maneki Neko.

2. Kokeshi dolls

Kokeshi is a wooden doll, considered one of the most famous handicrafts in Japan. They are usually girls, with cylindrical bodies and large, round heads. The face is shown through simple brushstrokes while the body is covered with a thin wax layer. On her, the doll is also simply decorated with brushstrokes of grass, trees, flowers, leaves mainly in black, red, purple, yellow.

A very large collection of turned wood Kokeshi dolls | Christie's

3. Uchiwa Fan

Uchiwa is a paper fan, handmade and seen as a symbol of summer like the wind chimes in Japanese culture. The body of the fan is made of bamboo and the head is made from decorative paper or flower cloth. Part nan fan made from fine-tapered bamboo type, high elasticity. This is considered a great gift for hot summer days.

Inato Hinaga Fragrance Uchiwa, Sakura Japan's Best to You

4. Food made from Matcha flour

All these foods are sold at supermarkets in Japan, especially the 24-hour open chains like 7Eleven, Lawson, Family Mart. For Nama chocolate, it is recommended to buy at Duty – Free stores at the airport to be exempt from tax. Mochi or some other type of glutinous rice flour, visitors should buy on the last day of their stay in Japan because the shelf life is usually quite short.

Buy Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder | Jade Leaf Matcha

5. Geta wooden clogs, Zori sandals

Besides the Kimono, Geta wooden clogs are an indispensable cultural beauty of the land of the rising sun. Therefore, many tourists choose to buy Geta as a gift. However, if the wooden Geta pair is too difficult to walk, you can buy Zori, a type of sandals that travel much easier and more comfortable.

Zori : Setta Sandals womens footwear Plum Red 24.0cm

6. Wagasa Umbrella

In Japan, Wagasa umbrellas are used not only for covering the rain but also as accessories for the tea ceremony or in the traditional stage (kabuki). Umbrella made with bamboo and Japanese paper is one of the most popular souvenirs. However, to suit the weather of Vietnam, you can choose to buy straight rolling umbrellas, curved handles, transparent or multicolored as gifts.

janetmillslove: Wagasa : Japanese um moment love

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