Ideal Souvenirs In Japan (Part 2)

On the last day of the trip, when the budget is no longer full, you can choose the “soft” souvenirs for friends and relatives like kokeshi dolls, chopsticks, or masks.

The following items are both culturally Japanese, compact, and easy to transport.

6. Sampuru

Sampuru – How is Japanese fake food made? | The Kid Should See This

Sampuru is a plastic replica of Japanese cuisine, hand-made, meticulously sculpted and painted so incredibly hard that it’s just a decoration. Sampuru can be purchased at Kappabashi Street in Tokyo as a souvenir attached to the fridge or key chain.

7. Tenugui scarf

Tenugui Multi-Purpose Cloths – tortoise general store

Tenugui is a thin, rectangular printed scarf, considered a perfect souvenir for women. Towels usually have a length of about 90cm, print many different patterns such as geometry, flowers or small polka dots. With this gift, the user can use it as a handkerchief, headband, plastic wrap, gift wrap, decorate the room like a cloth or a rug.

8. Chopsticks

(Natural wood)Japan imported home chopsticks iron wood Rosewood Ebony pear no paint no wax wood chopsticks

Coming to Japan, at souvenir shops, you will be impressed with the countless types of Japanese chopsticks that are bundled in sets or pairs, painted with different patterns or printed with pictures of Mount Fuji, cherry blossoms. Japanese chopsticks are usually made from lacquer wood with a pointed tip, shorter and more rounded than regular chopsticks. This is an ideal souvenir for those who like Japanese food.

9. Mask

Japanese Hand-painted Spirited Fox Mask 9

You can easily find a few mask shops selling traditional festivals or parks, sometimes even souvenir shops. The masks have many rich shapes like Manga characters – Anime. Japanese animators are often fascinated by this type of gift.

10. Coin containers


Japanese yen (JPY) includes both metal (coins) and paper. Coins include 1 yen, 5 yen, 10 yen, 50 yen, 100 yen and 500 yen denominations. During the days of exploring Japan, you should have beautiful little bags to hold coins when making purchases. In addition, a small coin purse containing cartoon characters or cat Maneki Neko is also a small souvenir full of surprises for the recipient.

11. Coins

Tomcoins-1898 Korean 1/4 Yang nickel coin  - Japanese Coin - Ideas of Japanese Coin #JapaneseCoin

If spending is too strong, the optimal solution now is to keep the coins as gifts, especially the 5 yen coin because in Japanese, its pronunciation is “gô – en”, coincidental with a kanji meaning “married”. Therefore, this coin is considered a lucky coin.



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