Harajiri and Nabegataki – 2 Beautiful Waterfalls In The Kyushu Region

The picturesque waterfalls are one of the highlights of Japanese natural paintings. Today, let’s visit LocoBee with Kyushu area and discover 2 attractive and impressive waterfalls here!

Harajiri Waterfall

Harajiri Waterfall (原 尻 の 滝) is located on the Ogata Plain in southern Oita Prefecture and is nicknamed “Japan’s Niagara Falls” because of its distinctive horseshoe-shaped form. The waterfall is about 20 meters high and 120 meters wide, formed by the massive eruption of Mount Aso about 90,000 years ago. The surrounding plains make the waterfall more impressive by the unexpected appearance.

Close to the waterfall is a suspension bridge that leads visitors to the road on the top to get sweeping views of the waterfall. In addition, near the entrance to the waterfall area is a restaurant serving local specialties. A path leading from the restaurant to the basin below is where visitors can stand on a layer of upland surrounded by waterfalls.

Nabegataki Falls

Nabegataki Waterfall (鍋 ヶ 滝) in Kumamoto Prefecture, though only 10m high but about 20m wide and falling water like a curtain illuminated by the sun, is a mysterious and impressive sight.
A huge eruption about 90,000 years ago created Mount Aso, and at the same time formed the Nabegataki waterfall. To this day, the solid ground at the top of the falls and the soft layer behind the falls are still experiencing erosion and are gradually changing shape.

In the spring, the event of lighting the waterfall from behind will take place, giving Nabegataki a shimmering, magical and attractive appearance.

If you have the opportunity to try Kyushu or visit these two beautiful waterfalls!

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