Review Product : Japanese Style Long Tail Maneki Neko

The genius cat is also known by other names such as waving cat, lucky cat, neko cat, feng shui cat, … The ancients gave this cat such a name because this cat has its origin from Japan and it is thought that this cat has protected the family with good health, bringing many blessings and luck to the owner. If translated literally from Japanese into Vietnamese, this is a lucky cat, but due to the difference in culture that Vietnamese people are used to calling the name Cat genius. Maneki Neko cat is very diverse in design, with distinct meanings such as waving cat, koi cat, couple cat, a cat used in the opening, housewarming, etc. And a very popular cat You can easily find it at the houses and shops on the street that are the long-tailed genius cat. This genius cat with long tail seems to be common but extremely mysterious. Let’s discover more about this cat!

Meaning Of Long Tail Maneki Neko 

The highlight of this product is the cat is lying with a long tail upright with a curve at the end of the tail like a question mark. On the tail of the cat is hung a talisman with two words “Bridge of Fortune” meaning to help you pray for luck, fortune, luck, whatever that is. If you are in business, this tail means busy visitors, if in love, then it means smooth sailing, full life.

The face of the genius Cat is always happy and cheerful as if it were good things for the owner. A kitten is usually located on the head or right hand of the long-tailed Maneki Neko Cat. This cat takes on the task of preserving money, wealth for its owner, more money to spend, helping the family with wealth and prosperity. On the long tail of the lucky cat, there are also good wishes to everyone such as: “Zhao Zhao told security”, “Peace of luck”, “Happiness”. In addition, the tail is also decorated with colorful flowers such as bringing the message of life to bloom, full of colors, always showy, full of life.

Behind the head of the genius, the cat is a small slot for stuffing coins or money for mining and clearing. You can get that money out using the rubber knob below the statue. This cat is suitable for praying for peace, love, career, and health.


Made from high-quality ceramic material, you should be careful and gentle during transportation or use to avoid breaking or cracking because according to the old concept, it is a taboo that can cause bad luck and loss. It costs money, less luck. Unlike other feng shui objects, this product does not make you spend too much time taking care of your luck but always ranks first. Moreover, this product is not picky, regardless of whether the owner is a Kim or a Wood or a Water or a Fire or an Earth. Porcelain cat Maneki Neko has many different sizes such as 14cm, 18cm, 22cm so you can choose products with different sizes to fit the space you want to put the cat. And also depending on the quality of ceramic, color, the workmanship of the craftsman to produce delicate, different quality products, each product will have different prices ranging from a few hundred thousand to millions of dong. This product does not wave, so it does not use batteries or solar energy as other Neko cats. Long-tail cat is very suitable as a gift for the opening occasion, housewarming, new year, birthday.

Hopefully, your article has partly helped you understand more about this long-tailed cat genius and helps you choose for yourself a suitable product.

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