How To Make A Lucky Bracelet Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko (kanji: 招 き 猫 hiragana ま ね き ね こ, understandable as Cat beckoning, the word 招 Sino-Vietnamese pronunciation is Chieu, the 猫 meaning Miao [neko ね こ], which can be interpreted as the Maneki Neko) Variable in Japan (original) and the countries of Southeast Asia, usually made of ceramic, is said to bring good luck to its owner. It is the image of a cat beckoning with its front paws, often placed at the entrance of shops, restaurants, video game shops and other business services. Some types of electronic Maneki neko statues with batteries in them can be waved slowly to invite guests. In addition, the image of Maneki Neko is also used to make keychains, pig pipes, air conditioners … Gotoku Temple is considered the original place of origin of Maneki Neko.

Are you looking to make your own beautiful, lovely handmade lucky bracelets and are now planning to try making them yourself? Please take some time with me to learn how to make a lucky bracelet Maneki neko in the article below to have lovely, lovely bracelets.

Lucky Cat Braided Knot Rope Bracelet

The lucky bracelet is inspired by the image in Japanese culture, derived from the cat Maneki Neko. It is the genius cat currently used as a lucky charm, a lovely, meaningful small gift. In Japan, it is believed that this talented cat will bring good luck, happiness, fortune, and prosperity to the owner.

Because of the meaning that the cat Maneki Neko has so long, the cat seems to become a beloved model around the world, a message to send good wishes. Over time, the genius cat is not only displayed in businesses but also closer to each young person, encapsulated in lucky cat-shaped handcuffs. Now, the lucky bracelet of Maneki Neko seems to have become lovely jewelry that both makes each girl gentle, gentle and also brings good luck wishes with her whenever she comes to any real estate. anywhere.

In addition to buying available products, the dexterous dumplings can also create a lucky lucky cat bracelet Maneki Neko at home. To make yourself a lovely bracelet, you need to prepare all the materials to make a lucky bracelet as follows: Cotton rope (parachute cord) of all colors, quality assurance, and high durability. Or besides girls can also choose for themselves the colorful cat bells (Maneki Neko) with different meanings such as:

+) Yellow wire: meaningful to symbolize wealth, money and wealth for the owner.

+) Green wire: has a meaning in learning, bringing advantages for learning.

+) Pink cord: pink is preferred by many women because it has the meaning of good luck in cultivating love.

+) Black wire: meaningful in bringing health, banishing evil spirits.

+) Red cord: red is the color most popular, most interesting, perhaps because red brings good luck, helps ward off evil and disease. In addition, the red Maneki Neko cat is also meant to bring you fortune and fortune in life. Therefore, the most popular red color for women is in Japan.

+) Green line: meaningful for public recognition, education, and luck for the exam

+) White cord: meaningful for purity and purity.

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With just a few minutes of combining the materials to make a lucky bracelet together, you have your own lucky bracelet! And this is also considered a very good suggestion for many of you to use this product as a gift for your friends, beloved siblings, half of your own love. Each gift has a different meaning, but the gift of lucky cat bracelet is considered an acute, unique, fancy, quality and reasonable price. Hopefully, the article below has partly brought useful information for you in the future. Wishing you girls soon to make yourself beautiful bracelets, always beautiful, lucky, wherever you are. Do not forget to rate the article if it’s helpful to you


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